Beginners Edition 2021: How To Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Website

Having problem with choosing best, Cheap or affordable Webhosting from a big heap?

How To Choose a Hosting

Don’t worry I can help you to find your preferred Webhosting + also recommend you hosting from my experience.

I have worked with many webhosting till now but there are few which I can recommend to you.

We can find different type of hosting in the market at different price. So, let’s know different type of hosting.

Types Of Hosting

Shared Hosting

It is one of the most used hostings that is for a beginner who just started making a website or started an online business. Like site with very little traffic nearly 10K – 25K Per Month. With limited resources Limit. Many providers have these plans but have slow loading speed or fewer resources or a poor support system. All of them say Unlimited Resources but have a restriction like limited bandwidth or limited RAM & CPU, File Limit, and many more things. If the server has an excess load, you have to forcibly upgrade it either it will negatively affect your website. You get an IP Address that is shared with multiple providers that also bad for Website with high Traffics. If your business, Overhead cost also increase. Some of the providers we will discuss at Last.

VPS Hosting

It is another hosting used by people who get more traffic as compare to shared hosting or have a heavy website Application that needs more resources. It is another hosting service which is affordable also get more resource as compare to Shared one. The Server is divided into two to four virtual machine according to requirement. But They have Limited RAM, CPU & also bandwidth but more than shared hosting. So, If you have a heavy web app or high traffic blog then you have to use VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting name tell you the whole server is dedicated to one person or Website. You have no limitation on bandwidth and the owner can upgrade the server according to their needs like more RAM. CPU Core or Storage. These are for that website that is fully established have a large database or high traffic.

These are mainly used server in market but there many more type of hosting are also available in the market Like:-

Reseller Hosting

It is another hosting that is used by big blogger or business who have a large no of a client for them they make a website. They buy a reseller pack and get multiple Cpanel with limited resources for each account. Or we can make a website such that we can sell domain and Shared hosting. This is the latest and most trending Hosting which have a large client as they don’t have to set any server or maintain it.

Cloud Hosting

Another type of hosting that is very famous instead of VPS hosting where multiple servers are used as a cluster to store the content. As nearest server receive command and it send Data to device & website is load faster than VPS Hosting. This cost nearly the same But better than VPS. I also recommend it if you are using the VPS one.

What things to keep in mind before buying a hosting services?

Things To Keep In Mind

There are many things to keep in mind before buying hosting for your business or blog. For that, you have read the full blog to become a master in buying hosting for your or other business of your clients. So let’s begin with that:-

1. Solid State Drives(SSD):-

SSD is a storage unit that stores data on the website much faster than HDD or HardDisk. If you want your website to be faster & have a good loading time then go with hosting that provides SSD. I have recommended all host using only SSD. As if you go to buy them it is much expensive but the result would always be good in speed also consume less power. Also, the life or durability of SSD is more than HDD as it contains no moving part. Also, HDD rule for much time as free or unlimited storage but SSD is in trend for everything.

2. Bandwidth

As a beginner, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth or if your website gets less than 5000 traffic per month. As bandwidth means to transfer or sending data from server to user through the website. Every hosting have their limitation in traffic where the cheapest hosting $1 per month have 10000 per month limit.

3. Storage

As a beginner, your website will not need much storage. But many will provide unlimited storage but that also come with a restriction with a little bit of downloadable content but not whole hosting for downloadable content. As for your website, you don’t need more than 1 GB of storage either on WordPress or another platform.

4. Scalability

One of the most important factor before choosing a hosting. Whether the hosting provider may provide scalability of your hosting if needed in any emergency on consumer hike. If not that is a big problem for you or you can transfer the feature to another hosting.

As you can start from entry-level hosting to intermediate hosting without any downtime whenever you need an upgrade. Sometimes your business may occur seasonal traffic where you need to upgrade your hosting.

Where ever your traffic spikes your website doesn’t go downtime due to high traffic and also have the opportunity to upgrade or degrade whenever needed.

5. Access

Whenever you sign up for your new hosting account. You get access to a Cpanel account where you can access every single thing like FTP, File management, MySQL, Email & other things. There may be a restriction on uploading file size but that may vary to host till now which every host I have used have a max file size of 1GB.

6. Support

It is one of the main features for a beginner who just started making their own website. You can ask them to do small things that are technical in nature. Many hosting will give you LiveChat, PhoneCall or Ticket Based. What matter is response time. I have talked and used support many times that help me to simplify my work & till now whichever hosting I have used their response time was awesome. It has saved my time much.

7. Location

Now what is location for my website? I have made global use now. You may be thinking this but your website is stored in one server & you have to know where server is located for target customer location. As near the server would be faster the loading time of website. So, choose the hosting location according to target audience. Let’s take example of Bluehost here loading time in US is 45 MS where as in Bangalore is 226 MS. So it is preferable for those who want to target in US.

8. Website Builder

As many hosting company have their website builder. Like WIX or Shopify other platform where you can make your own website with drag & drop feature also some have ecommerce compactable feature. If you want full customization with full control you can go with WordPress. Many hosting have their own website builder but you have full option to choose which CMS to use.

9. Market Reputation

Market Reputation is key in hosting Where we can decide which is best as compare to others. Positive market reputation helps the most where the company should focus on ORM(Online Reputation Management).

Some Of the Famous Host

So we have known about 5 types of hosting where are available in the market. So where I can get these hosting or the provider or where should I purchase them. I have used multiple providers but the result was always not good. Some of them have amazing service but some were not. So some of the recommended are: –

I will start from beginner but have the ability to upgrade when become a pro about some of provider & also the best one.

#1:- Bluehost Reviews – The Best WordPress Hosting

If you want quality service with a brand name then I will recommend going with Bluehost. All marketer & website designer without any hesitation can recommend you to go with Bluehost. It is also recommended by WordPress & also slow website load problem is eliminated if you get lots of traffic. As their customer support service is good. This package includes preinstalled WordPress. The package also includes SSL Certificate, Domain for 1 year & heavy discount.

If you want to target US Audience, you go with Bluehost as your website loads in a fraction of seconds. In another country, it is a bit slow But load under one second. Here is the result from the bitcatcha speed check of a website.

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As the of their shared hosting starts from 4.94$ per month for 1 year & 2.75$ per month for 3 years. Where top plan goes from 18.95$ per month for 1 year to 13.95$ per month for 3 years. Longer the plan cheap would be hosting. If you go with Bluehost then you are absolutely in safe hands.

Whereas their VPS plan is monthly basis starting from 20$ per month which has 2 core & 2 GB RAM. And the top plan starts from 60$ per month which come with 4 cores & 8GB RAM.

Another the top level hosting also known as dedicated hosting start from 80$ per month which come with 4 cores & 4 GB RAM also with 500 GB of storage. Where as top level plan start from 120$ per month with 4 cores & 16GB RAM also come with 1TB storage.

Buy your hosting now with blue host & check your domain below:-

#2:- SiteGround Review:- Overall Best WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is one of my favourite hosting that is amazingly fast also good for beginners who need a fast website & no worry about money. Since their prices are very high for beginners but their support is amazing & fast. It is one of the most rated company in this industry. They offer premium hosting plans that are specifically optimized for WordPress with unique in-house speed and security solutions. That’s why they’re an official WordPress recommended hosting provider.

Here are the report of speed of SiteGround Hosting on different Location by Bitcacha:-

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Here also US & Canada has fastest Speed but loading speed is less than a second.

Also, the Shared Hosting basic plan starts from 7$ per month with a monthly traffic limit of 10000 visitors where the top plan cost nearly 15$ per month with a monthly traffic limit of 100000 visitors.

Whereas the Cloud Hosting plan starts from 100$ per month with 4 cores & 8 GB RAM. Whereas the top featured plan cost nearly 400$ with 16cores & 20 GB RAM. If you want more powerful cloud hosting they provide custom clouds.

#3:- Hostinger Review:- The Low-Cost Hosting Plan

Hostinger provides most affordable hosting services available in the market. They have amazingly low prices. At this cost the live support services are amazing. For getting the lowest price you have to purchase a 4-year plan. But the speed of hosting or website load is good as the website load under 1 second but slower than others. If you have less money & start your online business then you can go with Hostinger. These are speed result from bitcacha:-

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Hostinger Shared Hosting plan start from 1$ per month for 48 month plan & for 1 year plan cost 3$ per month & top plan cost 4$ per month for 48 months & 1 year plan cost nearly 7$ per month.

Their VPS Hosting start from 3.95$ per month for 48 month whereas 1 year plan cost 4.95$ per month & top plan cost 39$ per month for 48 months & 1 year plan for 59$ per month.

There Cloud Hosting start from 10$ per month for 48 months with 2 core and 3GB RAM & for a 1-year plan for 13$ per month & top plan cost 70$ per month with 8 core and 16GB RAM & 1-year plan cost nearly 80$ per month.

#4:- NameCheap Review:- The Reasonable & Fast Hosting Plan

If you want a plan that is reasonable but also faster than Hostinger then you go with NameCheap. It is one of the reupdated hostings that has gained its name in past few years. I will recommend going with the NameCheap plan that is fast for beginners. The SSD storage device with unmetered Bandwidth. Before buying their plan Please go through the file limit in each plan according to your need. All plan comes with unlimited Bandwidth

Their VPS plan & dedicated hosting plan have some extra cost for maintain that can occur any time to user.

Their Share Hosting start from 1.58$ per month for 1 year plan and top rated plan cost from 4.44$ per month for 1 year.

#5:- FastComet Review:- The powerful Hosting Plan

FastComet is one of the latest company that gains its name very fast. I love it because their shared hosting plan is so powerful. With full of CPU cores & RAM. They have much advanced security for the server that I like the most. They have 11 Datacenter where you choose the preferred one. You also get 3 website transfer for free.

If you exceed the limit of account they don’t suspend your account only advice you to upgade.

Their shared hosting plan starts from 2.95$ per month with 2 cores & 2GB RAM and Top plan cost you 5.95$ per month with 6 Core & 6GB RAM.

Their Cloud VPS Plan starts from 47.95$ per month with 2.5 GHz & 2GB ECC RAM The top plan cost 111.95$ with 6*2.5 GHz & 16GB RAM.

And the Dedicated Plan start from 111.19$ per month with 2*AMD EPYC 7501 cores & 4GB RAM and top plan cost 279.19$ with 16*AMD EPYC 7501 Cores & 32GB

The list would go on in future and would be updated regularly.


You may know about the different host of Hosting now you can choose according to your need. If you choose any one of them you will never get disappointed. There is some more Host that I want to recommend for your business. The table down below:-

List Of Recommended Host

1. BlueHostBuy Now
2. SitegroundBuy Now
3. A2HostingBuy Now
4. NameCheapBuy Now
5. FastCometBuy Now
6. TDM HostingBuy Now
7. HostingerBuy Now
8. HostgatorBuy Now
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